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The whole person approach

With a degree in Exercise Science, CSCS and USATF certifications, experience in the Physical Therapy field and experience as an Elite runner, I have learned that the best training philosophy is one that is focused on the whole person.  I believe we must integrate body, mind, and spirit into your training for you to fully reach your athletic potential.  Every athlete is different and so I take a personalized custom approach with everyone.


Our bodies are the vehicle to reaching our goals.  With experience in Personal Training and Physical Therapy, I have learned first hand the importance of building a strong funcional movement foundation with our bodies.  I work prehab exercises (and rehab if needed) into training to help prevent injuries and strengthen the functional movement of my athletes.  Fast times come when bodies work the most efficiently, and I am committed to keeping you healthy and making you more efficient.


Positivity and mental toughness are very important components to reaching goals.  I work with athletes to use specific mental training techniques to approach difficult workouts or racing scenarios.  Our minds are stronger than our bodies are, so we put a lot of effort into training the mind to be effective and strong.


Our spiritual belief systems give us strength and endurance when we need it most.  Training and faith are often parallel journeys and we can apply what we learn in each area to the other.  I am a strong believer in Christ and have found deep strength in the intersection of my faith and running journeys.

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